Publishers of the Manual of Code Compliance Guidelines on Earthquake Resistance of Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical Components and Systems
Manufacturer and supplier of Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing

Manufacturer and supplier of Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing

Publishers of the Manual of Code Compliance Guidelines on Earthquake Resistance of Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical Components and Systems


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AutoCAD Details

Loos & Co., Inc. has prepared AutoCAD details of some of the many possible Seismic Wire Rope/Cable™ Bracing configurations and details of connections to most structural elements. AutoCAD users can use these details as they are or "explode" them, so that they can be modified to adapt to varying configurations.

AutoLISP Programs

Loos & Co., Inc. has also prepared AutoLISP programs for AutoCAD users to insert Seismic Wire Rope/Cable™ Bracing information on their AutoCAD drawings. These programs prompt the user for the brace location, direction ( Transverse, Longitudinal or 4-Way ) and the locations of a brace I.D. number. This information then appears on the drawing at the points designated. Then the program prompts for the vertical brace distance, points of structure connection, attachment type, weight/ft. and brace spacing. The program then automatically calculates the brace angle, length, size, and the size of the fastener and generates a  BLOCK TABLE on the drawing that shows the quantity, size, type, loads, fasteners, etc. for each brace ID number.

Load Table Spread Sheets

Loos & Co., Inc. has also prepared a spread sheet to do load calculations and bracing sizing for a variety of equipment items. There are 26 individual pages in the spread sheet. One page for each of the following different types of equipment:


  • NFPA-13 Sch. 40 Sprinkler Pipe 
  • NFPA-13 Sch. 10 Sprinkler Pipe 
  • Rigid Steel Conduit (Heavy Wall Conduit) 
  • Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC) 
  • Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT)-Thinwall Conduit 
  • Rigid Aluminum Conduit 
  • Uninsulated Sch. 40 Steel Pipe-Water Filled 
  • Uninsulated Sch. 80 Steel Pipe-Water Filled 
  • Service Weight Cast Iron Soil Pipe (Bell & Spigot Type) 
  • Extra Weight Cast Iron Soil Pipe (Bell & Spigot Type) 
  • No-Hub Cast Iron Soil Pipe 
  • Copper Tubing (Type L) 
  • Copper Tubing (Type K)
  • Glass Pipe (Regular Schedule) 
  • Glass Pipe (Heavy Schedule) 
  • Sch. 40 PVC Plastic Pipe 
  • Sch. 80 PVC Plastic Pipe 
  • Sch. 40 Steel vapor Service Pipe (i.e., Gas) 
  • Type L Copper Tubing Vapor Service (i.e., Gas) 
  • Rectangular (and Flat Oval) Ducts 
  • Round Ducts 
  • Trapeze Supported Equipment 
  • Insulated Steel Pipe-Water Filled 
  • Insulated Steel pipe-Steam 
  • Suspended Equipment

    EACH PAGE shows the following for each size (pipe size, conduit size, etc.): weight per ft. and, in ten ft. increments from 10 ft. to 80 ft., the horizontal load along side the cable brace size for 30, 45 and 60 degree brace angles. The Horizontal Load Factor for earthquake bracing varies according to the geographic area, type of equipment, Building Code, etc. Changing the number for the Horizontal Load Factor at the top of a page causes the loads and braces sizes to be recalculated in the blink on an eye. The result is a load calculation/brace sizing table that has been customized for a particular project and it can be printed out for submittal.

    This spread sheet is available FREE for Download or ON LINE, where the results can be printed out on your printer while on line.


    Do NFPA-13 Seismic Bracing Calculations ON LINE using the NFPA-13 Calculation Form. In minutes you will enter project and calculation criteria in 4 easy steps. The result is a completed NFPA-13 Seismic Bracing Calculation Form that you can print out on your printer while you are on line.


    Qualification for General Exemption from the anchorage and sway bracing requirements of the 2000, 2003 & 2006 IBC International Building Code, ASCE-7 and the NEHRP (FEMA) Standard, based on the Seismic Design Category of the structure, is dependent on both 0.2 sec and 1 second Spectral Response Acceleration criteria. The 0.2 sec Spectral Response Acceleration map is included with the Loos & Co., Inc. Manual of Code Compliance Guidelines, which also includes detailed calculation instructions on pages 2-31 through 2-32b. The 1 second map is available for use on this web site buy signing in below. The AutoCAD® DWF Viewer® plugin is required to view this map. If you do not have the DWF Viewer® plugin installed on your browser, bookmark this page, download the DWF Viewer® plugin from AutoDesk®, follow their instructions to install the plugin, restart your browser, return to this page and sign in below.


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