Publishers of the Manual of Code Compliance Guidelines on Earthquake Resistance of Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical Components and Systems
Manufacturer and supplier of Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing

Manufacturer and supplier of Seismic Wire Rope/Cable Bracing
Publishers of the Manual of Code Compliance Guidelines on Earthquake Resistance of Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical Components and Systems


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Whether it's drawn stainless steel wire, miniature or aircraft cable, wire rope, cable assemblies, fittings or tools, Loos & Co., Inc. can deliver. We have developed, over the last forty years, the technical capabilities essential in providing materials to such varied industries as aerospace, data processing, automotive, aircraft and farm equipment. Special products have been designed and made for ocean research, mineral exploration and military markets as well as many other scientific and industrial applications.

Technical competence, combined with modern production equipment and rigid quality control guarantee on time delivery of our wire, cable and cable-related products, made to the most exacting specifications.

Developments under Public laws 95-124 and 101-614 "Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act", and associated new earthquake resistance requirements of Codes and Standards caused our design professionals to conduct nation wide research into seismic bracing of building components and systems. This research, in turn, led our innovative R & D department to develop the Unique American Made Seismic Bracing Systems described in this publication.

Our research revealed:

  • considerable differences in Codes and Standards provisions on earthquake load resistance,
  • new and additional requirements for building components & systems and
  • various misconceptions concerning the application of these provisions and requirements.

We found that the structural concerns of the design and installation of earthquake resistant components and systems are most often relegated to installing subcontractors. Further, there are very few nationally accepted standards available, which identify or confirm code complying design and installation techniques.

The above factors have caused considerable confusion in the industry and increased the probability of both inadequate and overly conservative seismic bracing systems.

Most importantly, we found that Loos & Co.'s Seismic Wire Rope/Cable™ Bracing was ideally suited to cost effectively satisfy new Codes and Standards provisions on earthquake resistance of Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical components and systems.

In view of the above, we felt it both necessary and beneficial to go beyond the scope of most product suppliers. Consequently, we have developed this publication in a manner, which not only describes our product line, but also supports the design, specification, installation and approval process. This uniquely allows the users of our publication to comprehensively identify and document our nation's Codes and Standards requirements as well as access to comprehensive guidelines in satisfying these requirements.

About The Authors

The Loos & Co., Inc., Manual of Code Compliance Guides has been co-authored by Michael E. Werner, P.E. and Daniel C. Duggan. The publication of this Manual was the culmination of over ten years of their research into the seismic bracing requirements of Laws, Codes and Standards, which regulate over 80% of the new building construction in the United States.

Mr. Werner is a registered professional engineer and former President of Code Technology, Inc. , which primarily consulted in the area of compliance with Building Codes and Standards. His more than 40 years of experience includes positions as Building Commissioner of the City of St. Louis and Technical Director of BOCA International, as well as various facilities design, construction & maintenance related positions. Mike is a professional member of BOCA, ICBO, SBCCI & NFPA plus various state and local organizations. He has taught, lectured and had articles published on various Codes and Standards related topics, including earthquake resistant MEP Systems.

Mr. Duggan is President of Fire Sprinkler Design, which specializes in providing design & consulting services on the cost effective installation of fire suppression systems. His more than 40 years of experience in this field includes all aspects of the design & installation of ordinary and special hazard fire suppression systems for various sizes & complexity residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and military facilities. Dan founded Fire Sprinkler Design in 1979 after serving as the Mid-West District Designer for the Automatic Sprinkler Corporation of America. He has lectured on and taught aspects of seismic design in various areas of the Country, served on the NFPA-13 Committee on Hanging & Bracing and had articles published on seismic design. He is a member of NFPA and ASHRAE and has been issued patents on the Universal Restraint Clip (URC).

Mike and Dan are fully experienced in the regulation, design and installation of earthquake resistant MEP Systems. Their input in the preparation of this publication provides users with a unique combination of technical competence in Code compliance as well as practical knowledge of design and installation techniques. This unique combination results in guidelines that document cost effective code compliance solutions, which readily adapt to varying field installation conditions.

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